Green Meetings

The University is committed to sustainability and protecting the environment. The use of technology to connect face to face with others in different parts of the world has become standard practice. Video Conferencing is an excellent platform to help us reduce our Carbon Footprint as an institution and can help us achieve our ambitious carbon reduction policies.

Flying causes a huge amount of CO2 emissions which contribute to Global Warming, the effects of which we are already seeing. In fact aviation is a major contributor of Greenhouse Gases with global emissions from the aviation industry totalling 918 million tonnes of CO2 in 2018 with expectations that this may double by 2036.

To put this into perspective, below are 2 examples of return flights (both Economy and Business flights) from Manchester to Los Angeles and Manchester to Singapore with a comparison of how much each flight produces in CO2 emissions and the equivalent CO2 produced by doing laundry, showering and watching TV.

Manchester to Los Angeles

Manchester to Singapore

You can do your part by opting to use the Video Conferencing facilities on campus to conduct 'Green Meetings' which will help to lower our total carbon footprint.
To learn more ways in which you can help the environmental sustainability of the University take a look at the Business Travel Website.